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Salade Lyonnaise (里昂風沙拉)

As you can see from the name of the dish, it takes its name from the city Lyon in France. The dish is usually composed with a kind of bitter green (traditionally frisée, though my friend Michel made it for me, he used chicory instead and it worked perfectly fine. See related post, Chez Michel, 1) , crispy bacon, croutons, poached eggs, and a warm vinaigrette. How delicious is that!

I added the pear myself; the traditional salade Lyonnaise does not have it. I like pears in salad and I thought they would go pretty well with it, but don't worry, you can leave them out if you wish. I know it's a bit more work than most salads, and poaching the egg is a bit tricky, but once you mastered it, you'll be glad you did, because you won't have to fly to Lyon to enjoy this special regional dish!


Salad Lyonnaise (4 Servings)

1 head of your chicory, frisée, or whichever bitter greens you prefer

6 oz (170 g) smoked bacon or pancetta

about half a baguette (a day old), cut into 2/3-in (1.5 cm) thick slices
1 T butter

2 pears

A:  1 t Dijon mustard
     5 T red wine vinegar
     6 T extra virgin olive oil

4 eggs (For recipe, see Poached Eggs)

more extra virgin olive oil for drizzling

1. Wash the chicory and cut it into about 2" long pieces. Spin it dry and put it in a large bowl.

2. Cut the bacon into 1/3" thick pieces (or cubes).

3. Heat water to cook the poached eggs. (See recipe)

4. In a large sauté pan, heat 1 T butter and toast the bread pieces to make croûtons until slightly golden brown. Take out the bread and cover with a piece of foil to keep warm. Set aside.

5. Cook your bacon in the same pan until all the fat renders and the bacon gets crispy. While the bacon is cooking, peel, core and cut the 2 pears into 1/4" slices. Place them in the large bowl with the chicory.

6. Poach the eggs (and really time it!)

7. Take out the bacon pieces and turn off heat.

8. While the pan is still hot, add in ingredients A. (If it already cooled, reheat it and then add ingredients A). Mix well with the bacon fat left in pan, and pour the warm vinaigrette over the greens and pear slices. Toss around to coat the chicory evenly. (Check the poached eggs during this process, don't overcook them!)

9. Place individual portions on each plate and top with the bacon pieces, croûtons, and poached egg. Finish the salad with a little more extra virgin of olive oil, just a little salt and pepper, and serve!

如妳所看到的,它的名稱很明顯的是來自法國城市里昂。這道沙拉通常是由一種帶點苦味的綠色蔬菜(傳統是以frisée,而我的朋友是用菊苣,卻也非常的對味。請參考相關文章神秘嘉賓」Michel, 1)、根、脆麵包塊、水波、和溫溫的香醋組合成的。


I used a thick slice of smoked smoked lardon, because that is what they use in France. In the States, the thin sliced bacon is more commonly seen. You can use that instead or ask for a thick cut of pancetta (about 1/3-inch thick) from a butcher. 

我使用的是一種有點厚度的燻臘肉(lardon),因為這是在法國常見的。在美國、台灣,大部分是切薄片的培根比較多,也可以就用那種,或者是使用有厚度的pancetta (一種義大利鹹肉)

里昂風沙拉  (4人份)

菊苣frisée或帶點苦味的綠色蔬菜 一顆

厚培根片 6盎斯 (170公克)

法國麵包(已放置一天) 大約半支,切成約1.5 cm寬的麵包片
奶油 1大匙

梨子 2

A: Djion 芥末醬 1小匙
紅酒醋 5
橄欖油 4

4 (請看水波蛋食譜)

1. 將沙拉菜洗淨,切成約2(5 cm)長段,瀝乾後放入大容器中

2. 將培根切成1/3(0.8 cm)厚度長條

3. 熱一鍋水(準備煮水波蛋)

4. 在一個大型的平底鍋內,將奶油加熱。放入麵包片,將兩面煎至稍微金黃,取出待用 (稍微以鋁箔紙蓋上,以免冷掉)

5. 在同一平底鍋內加入培根條,煎至香脆。在煎培根的同時,可以將梨子削皮去籽,切成1/4(0.6 cm)薄片,放入有菊苣的大容器內

6. 煮水波蛋

7. 取出煎好的培根,熄火。

8. 趁平底鍋還熱時加入A(若平底鍋已冷卻,加溫後再加A),與鍋子裡的培根油拌均勻,將熱熱的香醋醬倒入放有沙拉菜與梨子的大容器。

9. 將份量分好在各個盤中,搭配脆麵包,培根及水波蛋。最後再加一點橄欖油、鹽、胡椒,即可食用!

I added the pear myself; the traditional salad Lyonnaise does not have it.

Feel Free to make a traditional one without the pears. 

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