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Music Share 音樂分享: Girl's Generation & Evelyn Glennie

Stacey's Pick

由於是Music Share(音樂分享)首篇,馬虎不得,黛黛thumbs-up的祭出全南韓(或說全世界也不違過)紅翻天來自韓國最大娛樂公司SM TOWN的女子天團 - Girl's Generation。中文團名為「少女時代」,韓文發音為「So Nyeo Shi Dae」所以又縮寫為SNSD

Since this is our first Music Share post, this one will be more thorough. My thumbs-up to Girl's Generation (Korean pronunciation - "So Nyeo Shi Dae," aka SNSD), one of the hottest groups in South Korea--perhaps it's not too much to say in the whole world as well!

其實她們從2007就出道了,但黛黛是從2011的 10月底,在電視上看到一首"The Boys"的MV才注意到她們(lag好久我知道 Orz)因為每個人都好正,腿都好長¯﹃¯(這啥臉),也都... 長得好像啊我的媽(真的! 剛成為韓國少女團體粉絲的每位粉絲必經的struggle process),然後隨即就....毫無招架之力的立刻也變成少飯之一了!!少飯是指少女時代的粉絲,粉絲(FAN)在韓國叫"飯",以下是詳細的介紹..(連這都介紹,少飯好熱血啊=  =")

They have actually been around since 2007 and each member had at least 5 years of training, but it wasn't until late 2011 when I happened to see their MV of "The Boys" that they started to catch my attention. They're not only extremely tall and good looking, they all look alike!!! (Really! This is something that every new K-pop fan has to "struggle" with), and before I knew it, I was one of their fans.....


發音:So One
So代表少女時代,少女時代的韓文拼音是So Nyeo Shi Dae

回想當時初MVfirst moment黛黛完全是目不轉睛,呈現跟宅男看到女神一樣的表情 -- ¯﹃¯ (不豪小! 就算是女生也會被她們吸引啊! 網上男女飯比例應該有五五喔!)但喜歡歸喜歡,剛接觸這個女子天團的我,仍搞不清楚誰是誰,又每一位上了妝都長好像,重點是,團員竟多達九名!! (差點崩潰) 不過沒關係,自國中以後,早已退卻的追偶像迷偶像的熱情,竟然能重新被點燃,甚是難得,所以卯起勁的GOOGLE她們資料,背下所有團員的名字,看遍她們自2007至今(大部分)的表演、節目、電視劇..等等。每位成員從國小就開始訓練,至少都經過5年以上的實習生磨練後,才有資格出道,少女時代之所以能穩住天團地位除了團結之外,吸引眾多飯的不離不棄支持最大原因就是真誠不做作,很努力很努力這點就不再贅述了。

Looking back, I remembered that when I first saw their MV I could not take my eyes off the screen, as if I were some kind of pervert! (Believe me, even a woman would be "attracted" by all these legs!!!) But as much as I like the artists, I was having a hard time recongnizing them; they all look so much alike, especially with the make-up, and the point is, there are 9 of them!!! Thanks to Google, I was able to watch all their videos, performances, tv series, memorize each and every one of their names, ....and more!

Below is the information about each of the nine members and the 2 songs I really love:

The Boys (飯的應援讓整首歌好有氣勢)

Into The New World (以這首打入歌壇,所以很有紀念性)

更多資訊,以及2013/1/1回歸舞台的新專輯(I Got A Boy),請自行GOOGLE吧。

For more information on their new album, I Got A Boy, please use GOOGLE

Yvonne's Pick

Evelyn Glennie Improvising with Fred Frith - A Little Prayer
Evelyn GlennieFred Frith即興演出 - 祈禱

The piece I'm introducing you to is from the above soundtrack Touch The Sound - A Sound Journey of Evelyn

為大家介紹的那首曲子祈禱 紀錄片-「觸覺聲音 - 格萊妮的聲音之旅」裡的其中一曲

If you watched the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics, perhaps you remember her. The first time I saw Evelyn Glennie was about 7 years ago at Lincoln Center, NY. It was one of the greatest and the most unforgettable performances I've ever seen in my life. Following that, I saw a documentary about her, Touch The Sound - A Sound Journey of Evelyn, that made me admire her and love her music even more. 

如果你曾看過1012年奧運開幕,那你也許對她突出的打擊樂演奏就不陌生。我第一次看到Evelyn Glennie的表演是大約七年前在紐約市的林肯中心,那是我一生中少數讓我印象深刻的表演之一。繼那之後又看到一部有關於她的紀錄片-觸覺聲音-格萊妮的聲音之旅」,從此更是令我對她敬佩不已。 

Above: One of my favorite quotes from Evelyn Glennie, "If you think of a piece of music, we have all the different notes there, different rhythms, dynamics and so on... all within that one piece of music and it's like the world, I mean, here we are, we've got all these human beings... of different sorts, all different dynamics, different ages, different accents, one thing or another... imagine them on a page of music, imagine them, human beings being the dots on a page... and it can be quite amazing to be part of that... and then you understand, wow, we are the sound!"

The picture was taken when Evelyn was performing on a snare drum in the middle of Grand Central Station in NY


圖中是格萊妮在紐約市的Grand Central車站內打小鼓照的

She's been deaf since age 12. One would think it's impossible to achieve a music career, but her sensitivity and passion come through in her music so beautifully that it touches me not less, but more every time I listen to her. She also changed my perspective on the relationship between music and people who have hearing loss.


The large space of the abandoned warehouse (which you'll see again in the video) is where Evelyn recorded much of the album, and it brings out the peacefulness, spaciousness, and spirituality of her music.

廢棄的倉庫 (你將會在影片中也看到) 變成了在這張CD部分曲子的錄音室。而那空敞、廣大的空間使的她的曲子顯得更平和、寬敞、也更有靈性…



Here's a piece from a master of avant-garde music, Fred Frith, improvised with one of my biggest idols, one of my favorite women composers, one of my favorite percussion soloists, and I hope her music, her touch, her powerful performance will inspire and move you as it does me.

Evelyn是我最喜歡的女性作曲家之一,也是我認為最有才能的打擊樂獨奏家之一。以下那首曲子是她與前衛派音樂大師 Fred Frith 一起合作即興演出的,我希望她的音樂、她的觸感、她的表現能打動你並將你帶到另一個更廣擴的境界....


For more information on Evelyn Glennie and her music:

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