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Nuit Blanche at The Old Port Market /魁北克老港市場

This past December 27th was the premiere of Nuit Blanche (All-nighter) in Quebec, a special night where stores were open late and activities were planned throughout the city. Coincidentally, it was also one of the biggest snow storms of the year. The event took place at the Marché du Vieux Port (Old Port Market), Place Royale and the Quartier Petit-Champlain. Due to the storm, we had to leave the car at home, so we decided to just take the bus to one location, which, of course, had to be one of my favorites: The Old Port Market! (or should I say, it's more like we choose to go there because it's indoors! XD)

Since we didn't go to the other two locations, I can't really say what they were like; I only know that there was supposed to be some ice sculptures shown, a DJ, some live performances, and late-night boutiques until 2h. At the market where we went, they featured a live gospel choir that sang until about 22h30. Besides that, it was also a great oppotunity to explore some boutiques and food vendors in the late hours (since the market usually closes at 17h).

Smoked duck (on the left) and deer truffle (on the right)
The minute we walked in, people came over to offer us some hors d'oeuvres right away. Since this event was free, we did not expect to get any delicate hors d'oeuvres like these. 
上圖從左到右為: 燻鴨肉、鹿肉


The Marché du Vieux-Port is the oldest and largest farmers market in Quebec, and it's the  only one here that is open all year-round. Due to the change of seasons and produce, you'll find different vendors there throughout the year. One of my favorite times to go there is during the Christmas season. Even though you won't have as much fresh fruits or vegetables, you'll get to see lots of other vendors selling things like cheese, wine, holiday baked goods, jam, maple syrups products, jewelry, Christmas items, and locally products - you name it. I highly recommend visiting during this time of the year, and if you're lucky enough to be here at the right time, maybe you'll get to attend the next Nuit Blanche!

Smoked mackerel with potato (on the top) and smoked salmon (on the bottom)
圖中食物為: 燻鯖魚與馬鈴薯()鮭魚 ()

「不眠之夜 」 這個活動是去年1227日第一次在魁北克舉辦,分別在好幾個不同點落腳,讓有意前往共襄盛舉的民眾,在特殊的夜晚裡不但可以盡情享受購物,同時也可以觀看一些精彩的表演。巧的是,那天也是入冬以來第二次下過最大的暴風雪。活動舉辦的地點包括:老港市場 (Marché du Vieux Port)皇家廣場 (Place Royale) 以及小尚普蘭街(Quartier Petit-Champlain)。因為暴風雪的關係,我們決定專攻其中一個點就好! 不用説! 我當然是選擇我最喜歡的老港市場囉!(是説其實也是因為那地點是在室內比較暖啦!XD)


老港市場是魁北克城最古老、最大的食品市場,也是這裡唯一長年都開業的市場。隨著季節的變化與農產品的供應不同,在市場內的攤販也時常流動與改變。雖然在寒冷的12月,通常看不到太多的蔬果,但這邊仍然充斥著各式各樣的攤販; 從乳酪、酒、楓糖食品、果醬、烘烤甜品、聖誕飾品、身體保養品、到手工毛製品等等的當地土產都應有盡有。我個人很推薦在聖誕節的前後去參觀,當然如果時間抓的對的話,也許你也可以參加下一屆 「不眠之夜 」! 

We were also given some red wine (to keep us happy... and buying! XD)

還供應紅葡萄酒 (讓顧客喝到不醉不歸(?),就會多買一點,這招厲害~厲害啊ヽ(´▽`)ノ)

There's a cute little cheese shop inside the market. They're there all year round and the quality of cheese is quite good!



They have all kinds of cheese as you can see in the display case


They always have plenty of oysters here. I personally don't enjoy eating them, but you oyster eaters would be pretty happy!


They're big on salmon. You can find a variety of salmon and gravlax here. We got some gravlax that day and to be honest, it was just ok. I didn't feel that it was very fresh tasting. 
他們賣的燻鮭魚也琳瑯滿目,我們那天就買一點,但説實在的,味道不怎麼樣,吃起來似乎沒有很新鮮 :(

Different kind of smoked fish, and on the bottom shelf, they even have smoked calamari and smoked mussels in small containers. That'll be for the next time!


A must-try in Quebec, cidre de glace (apple ice wine). It is basically made from frozen apple juice, and it's one of my favorite alcoholic beverages. 
來魁北克必試的 - 蘋果冰酒,這是一種以冷凍蘋果汁發酵的冰酒,也是我個人非常喜愛的一種酒。

Cider donuts - this is one of our favorite vendors. Whenever we go there, we always stop by and pick some up from them. They're usually freshly made, but because of the late hour, they were getting ready to leave and had already packed away all their equipment. We still bought some from them, but they were not warm and soft like they usually are. My favorite is the cinnamon flavor, which is coated with cinnamon sugar on the outside, and when it's fresh and warm...yum!

蘋果汁甜甜圈 - 這是我們最常光顧的其中一項食物。這些甜甜圈通常都是現做的,但由於時間已晚,店家已把全部的儀器收起來了,準備收攤。雖然只剩下這些冷掉沒賣完的,但我們還是佛新來的捧場買了一點。肉桂通常是我最喜歡的口味,甜甜圈外表滾一層肉桂糖,當它剛出爐還軟軟微溫時,真是超級無敵好吃的啦!

Another must-try in Quebec, tire d'érable (maple taffy, sugar on snow). They were offering these to all the people there that night. Yes, hard to believe they're giving them away for free!) If you've seen my earlier post, Cabane à sucre (Sugar Shack), you're probably familiar with it. It's basically made with hot maple syrup that has been boiled to about 112° C and then poured over a bed of fresh ice. As the syrup starts to harden over the ice, you take a popsicle stick, press it onto a maple syrup strip, and slowly roll it up. It is one of my favorite Quebec local foods!

這是魁北克最富盛名的Maple taffy - 這間楓糖專賣店在那天晚上為遊客免費提供超多的Maple taffy ,如果你已經看過我之前寫的 Cabane à sucre(SugarShack/楓糖小屋),你對這甜品就不陌生了。它是將煮沸至約112℃的楓糖漿倒在新鮮冰床上製成的,當滾燙的糖漿碰上極低溫的冰時瞬間冷卻後,可以將短木棒放在糖漿條上慢慢捲起。它吃起來有點像麥芽糖,但比麥芽糖要軟多了,是我最喜歡的魁北克名產之一。

Maple pearls - These are little round white chocolates that are coated with maple sugar on the outside and filled with maple butter inside. A perfect sweet treat for maple syrup lovers!

楓糖珍珠 - 是一種小小圓圓的白巧克力,外層撒上一些楓糖粉,巧克力裡面是滿~滿的楓糖醬,楓糖狂熱份子快點來試試看喲!

A small wine shop that is also there all year round. They have a very nice variety of local wines along with olive oil and vinegars. The man who worked there was quite patient with us and let us take our time when they were about to close. 
這間小店與上面介紹的乳酪店一樣,老闆很愛錢(?)全年無休。他們有許多各式各樣在魁北克當地製造的酒,店裡也有少量的橄欖油和醋 。即使已到了快打烊的時刻,店員還是很友善也很有耐心的向我們說明店內各種不同的商品。

The wine shop even sells honey, jam and preserves. 

Strawberry wine - also a must-try local item from Quebec! I never tried this brand before, but I've tried one from Marché de Saint-Foy, and the strawberry flavor was quite good!!

草莓酒 - 這瓶也是來此市集地必嘗的喔~ 我沒有過這一瓶,但是我在另一個市場(Marché de Saint-Foy)有買過 ,酒裡帶點草莓味,挺不錯的!

This is from a vendor that sells only blueberry products. I love those cute jars with the blueberry design. The blueberry spread even comes with a little spreading knife.


I've never seen blueberry butter before. That would be the next thing I try! 
沒看過這種藍莓醬( Blueberry butter),要不是家裡還有一堆果醬,我一定會把它買回家。 XD

These are dried blueberries inside dark chocolate. Looks good too!

這是乾燥藍莓,外層裹著苦甜巧克力,看起來就超好吃搭 ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 

I usually see more than one, but this was the only fur boutique I saw that night. They were offering 20% off on all those slippers and some other items. I wanted to take more photos, but the boutique owner told me that because some organizations are against fur, they don't really allow people to take close-up photos. Since Quebec is so cold and much furthur north, they wear a lot more fur than people in the States. The practice seems rather common here.


These are little nougats that have nuts and and dried fruits inside. We bought some last year and they were quite good, just a little bit pricey. The texture is a bit chewy. I remember the pistachio one was my favorite flavors.

這是當地的牛軋糖,質地有點嚼勁,與一般大眾熟悉的牛軋糖口感相近。裡面是堅果跟果乾。去年我們買過幾次,相當好吃,開心果是我最喜歡的口味但就是貴了點.. 嘖!

These beautiful vinegar bottles immediately grabbed my attention. The name Épicéa means the fir from the pine tree, and all their vinegars contain different varieties of fir (as you can see in my photo of the bottles). It looks very pretty and I love the wax seal. We were able to sample all the flavors and I wanted to buy every one of them! It was that good! With the fir, it adds a distinctive flavor but without over-powering the other flavors. It's quite unique.
From the left: Garden vegetable and Jack pine dressing, Maple and Scots pine dressing, Strawberry, mint and white spruce dressing, Black spruce and Lac-St-Jean blueberry dressing, Raspberry, cranberry and Balsam fir dressing

當我看到那一罐罐美麗的醋瓶,馬上就將我的注意力吸引過去了!! 品Épicéa是松針的意思,所有的醋瓶內都,也因為如此,再加上瓶口是以紅色的蠟封閉,看起來非常漂亮。我們很不要臉的嘗試了所有口味,每一瓶都相當有特色啊! 讓我每一瓶都想買! (媽呀,真是折磨人!早知道就不要每種都試 > 口 <") 因為加了松針,使得每種口味裡都增添了一種很獨特的味道,是我從未嘗過的!

Another reason I wanted to buy from them is because the product is made by women with mental health difficulties, and because of that, their sales profits go to support their home too. It is a good cause!

另外,讓我想跟他們購買的另一原因,是因為此產品是由心理有障礙的婦女們所製,銷售的利潤,每分每毫都直接回饋給她們的療養中心,捧個場順便做善事也挺好搭 !

Toque & Tablier is a little boutique that specializes in Christmas fruit cakes. The owner is very friendly!

Toque & Tablier是一間專賣聖誕水果蛋糕的小店舖,老闆人非常的好

Chocolate and dark beer fruit cake. We sampled it and it was very yummy.


A classic fruit cake with rum


As it turned out.....the classic fruit cake won! It was our choice!


I love their packaging; it is so simple and elegant. We wanted to buy the mini classic, but there were only mini chocolate ones left.


Other items we bought:

Wild dried blueberries 野生乾藍莓

(Left) A red wine with spices. We bought this the year before for the holidays and it tasted so nice when it was served hot. A perfect wine when it's snowy outside!

(Right) Raspberry, cranberry and Balsam fir dressing () 、蔓越莓香脂冷杉葉酸醋沙拉醬

So there, you can see how hard it is to resist buying all these yummy Quebec local items (especially after a little wine!) 

For more information on The Old Port Market//魁北克老港市場:

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