Sunday, November 25, 2012

黛黛食記 - 『KiKi』

啊.. 久違了的黛黛食記U勾來囉.. 想必大家都很想念這單元吧!!!(對不起我說謊其實根本沒人想沒人念..嗚)

台灣公司文化之一,就是很愛聚餐(有些啦)某次正為家庭聚餐的地點而想破頭之際,老姐提出了一間姐夫因公司聚餐,吃過覺得很不錯的餐廳 - 『KiKi』


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Marché Jean-Talon (Jean-Talon Market) 2: 10.20.12


If you read my earlier post, you would probably remember that the first time I went to Marché Jean Talon was during the early spring this year. It was still cold at the time, but they just started to have some spring produce coming in. However, it was quite different this time. 



Thursday, November 15, 2012

French Vanilla Sugar (法式香草糖)

One of my favorite flavorings that I use a lot in baking is vanilla. I especially love real, fresh vanilla beans. Whenever I can for certain recipes, I've always tried to use the fresh, real thing such as in ice cream, custard, flan, or even jam (check out my strawberry-vanilla jam).

The leftover vanilla pod from my strawberry-vanilla jam recipe, dried and broken into 2 pieces.