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This blog is created by 2 sisters who live in 2 different parts of the world and are passionate about the food and culture around us. This blog is also about a cat who is equally passionate about the food and...well, just the food around us. Through our own unique perspective, we'd like to share our interests and new discoveries with you! 

此部落格原創於兩姐妹; 姐姐在加拿大魁北克, 妹妹在台灣台北, 熱血的兩姐妹想將兩地所發生的笨事趣聞 隨時隨地同步給全世界知道。(是有人想知道嗎?)

Pseudonym, 黛黛 (presuming fame is not so far in the future), likes to romanticize and fantasize about things, outgoing and "sunny" personality, but has the heart of an innocent girl. Difficult to understand, isn't it? Don't bother to try if you don't want to, just think of me as "spirited away"(?) When I was young, I used to dream about studying abroad one day. However, reality is reality, and my dream slowly went downhill; now it's more like periodic travel every 2-3 years. What an uninspirational life! (Parental discretion is advised!) So, I've decided that from now on, every minute and every second of my life, I'll face my life with a more positive attitude, and I'll be serious about every moment. (I know, I'm making a new resolution again! Somebody slap me!)
筆名黛黛(自以為總有一天會走紅先取筆名等著) 的我,是位極度乾枯且渴望在情海浮沈,並有著活潑陽光的外表,但內心卻住著村姑的一位女孩兒。很難瞭解是不? 若真的不瞭解那也不要瞭解了,就當我是謎樣般的神隱少女(?)! 孩童時,曾好傻好天真的把國外留學當成這輩子鐵定要實現的夢想,但基於種種現實考量,夢想一路下滑成國外短期遊學每兩三年出國一次,好不勵志的人生啊! (小孩不要學喔!) 所以決定,從今的每刻每秒,都要用不後悔的正面態度,快樂且認真的過生活。(又發懶的話,請大家記得賞我巴掌啊!)

I was born in Taiwan and moved to NY in my teens to study music. In 2011, I moved to Québec, Canada. Before that, I'd never been to Québec -- never even thought of it -- even though I've been living in North America for more than half of my life. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who's ignorant about this part of the world, and since I live here now, I would love to use this opportunity to introduce this beautiful and amazing place to you.

As a former personal chef in NY who's worked for many different clients, including music mogul and X-Factor judge "L.A." Reid, people often ask me about my work and my food. They want to know what I eat to keep myself in good shape, questions about ingredients, or where to get certain kitchen gadgets. I realize there might be a lot of people out there who have similar questions. I thought having a blog would be a nice way to document and share with you my life and recipes in Québec and...perhaps...to influence people to eat healthier at the same time.

我出生台灣但後來流浪到紐約攻讀音樂。 2011那年搬到加拿大魁北克後,才赫然發現這個世外桃源之地,想都沒想過在北美度過大半人生的我,有一天會搬到魁北克。好吧,反正我人都在這了(感覺很無奈?),我將掏心掏肺的分享這裡所有美麗的事物給大家,請期待喲!
Grandma Soji : An Uncompromising Cat
A cat who has a very fine palate. She doesn't just eat anything, but only the finest and the freshest. Whenever I'm in the kitchen, she'll come and keep me company, and when I bake, she'll be the first to judge my food and give me her honest opinion (which, fortunately, has been 100% positive!). She knows what she wants and is not afraid to ask for it. Make no mistake, she has to have her scrambled eggs fluffy and soft! I will be sharing some of her favorite (human) recipes along with her favorite kitty recipes with you all.

...and a note of thanks to A, Yvonne's hubby
He's our tech-support, but he's MOSTLY Yvonne's personal techie and biggest supporter! Sadly, he's also Yvonne's food tasting guinea pig, but like Soji, he's more than happy to play that role. Also like Soji, he won't miss out on anything, not even a crumb!


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