Monday, October 21, 2013

End of a chapter, a look back, and a new beginning/最後的一章、回顧、新的開始

It has been a year and a half since we started working on this blog. We had a great start but life has been up and down for me since. As I announced on Facebook recently, my beloved cat and our main character here, Soji, has been ill. This came suddenly and unexpectly, therefore, I have not been able to write as much as I'd like to.

Under some other difficult circumstances as well, we've decided to end this blog. Though it makes me sad to announce that this will be my last post here, I had a great time writing and sharing my thoughts, recipes, things, and places I love over the past year and a half (both here and on our Facebook page).

I know it hasn't been long, but I've learned a great deal and have grown a lot over this period of time. I want to thank everyone who has given their support and encouragement to 2 Sisters et 1 Cat. You enabled me to free a lot of my thoughts. Whenever I get responses from people I don't know, I'm always very moved and feel very grateful.

As I pass through this difficult path, I'm also finding that my creativity, style, and approach have been growing in a slightly different direction as well. It became very clear that I'd have to do something different. For those of you who would like to continue following my cooking as well as Soji's stories (plus more), this doesn't have to mean goodbye; I have begun a brand NEW BLOG called My chouchoux (click here)! I will be working with my dearest brother, a professional artist and food stylist who lives in Paris - a place where everyone dreams to live!! (By the way, he's also the designer of the 2 Sisters et 1 Cat logo!) We will be sharing even more interesting recipes, designs, health tips, and places! I hope you stick with me and please do come visit my new blog--it will be a new journey!

Here's a collection of memories from our Facebook:

1. Left: My coconut-walnut biscuits  左圖:自製的椰子核桃酥餅
    Right: Meyer lemon jam 101  右圖:和朋友一起做的梅爾檸檬果醬
2. Spanish yolk cakes from my Spanish friend  朋友特別從西班牙帶回來的西班牙蛋黃酥
3. Popsicles from the famous Tutto Gelato  魁北克有名的Tutto Gelato裡面所賣的冰棒
4. We were invited to our friend L's holiday party for raclette  在朋友家吃瑞士奶酪板燒
5. My rhubarb and raspberry scones  我的大黃與覆盆子司康餅
6. Homemade coconut-walnut biscuit packaged for a friend  送朋友的自製椰子核桃酥餅
7. Brunch: Sausage and red pepper frittata  早午餐:紅椒香腸烘蛋
8. My friend HJ's Korean pancake  朋友為我們做的韓國燒餅
9. My Taiwanese lunch for a friend in exchange for a lesson of Meyer lemon jam 
10. Left: My uncle's organic peanuts from Kaohsiung  左圖:高雄二伯種的有機花生
     Right: Green tomatoes from a market stand from Cuisinez St-Roch  
     右圖:Cuisinez St-Roch美食活動裡買的青蕃茄




在當我走在這艱難的道路上的同時,很多事情漸漸的也在改變我的風格、創意及想法,並帶領我走往與之前稍微不同的方向。想繼續跟隨著我及Soji、閱讀我的食譜、我們的生活日誌(及更多之前沒有的),這並不一定就意味著再見。我已經在這一陣子開始創立新的部落格叫My chouchoux (請按這裡)!我將會和我那藝術家兼美食造型師、並深居法國巴黎的老哥合作!! (他也是我們2 Sisters et 1 Cat商標的設計師喔!)我們將與大家分享更多精心設計且健康的食譜、我們喜愛的美食,及更多新項目,並使用三種語言:中文、英文、與法文!歡迎大家一起來我新增的部落格!

1. Elegant mini cakes from M & M  朋友們送的精緻小蛋糕
2. My apple cinnamon bread  我的的蘋果肉桂麵包
3. A big box of Eddy Laurent Belgian chocolates from M & M   
   朋友們送的Eddy Laurent 比利時巧克力盒
4. My peach crumb cakes  自製桃子酥蛋糕
5. My favorite fruit from Quebec!  我在魁北克最愛的水果!
6. Left: one of my favorite Quebec local products - maple whiskey cream  
    Right: my homemade honey-apple sauce--for friends 右圖:自製給朋友的蜂蜜蘋果醬
7. My friend's family recipe, a typical Valencia dish: "Arròs al forn amb panses i cigrons" 
   (in Catalan) - Baked Spanish rice with raisins and chickpeas.
   朋友的瓦倫西亞家族食譜:"Arròs al forn amb panses i cigrons" (加泰隆尼亞語) - 西班牙
8. My vintage tea set  我的復古茶具
9. First big snow storm in Quebec, 2012   2012年魁北克的第一個暴風雪
10. My baby, Soji's portrait  我的寶貝Soji

On my new My chouchoux blog fan page, I will continue to put short little posts and stories, including some new and exciting ideas, but I can't tell you yet--it's a secret (>_<). Please come like my new page and I'll see you there!

我將會繼續在我新的My chouchoux 臉書上po一些短篇的文章、分享美食包括新增一些點子(現在還不能馬上告訴大家(>_<),歡迎大家來My chouchoux按讚!

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