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Dolfin Chocolate/比利時黛芙巧克力

As much as I'm a foodie, I have to confess that I'm not a chocolate person. I know, I'm guilty. I live with a chocoholic and, naturally, I've tried many different kinds of chocolate bars, but I can't say there are many that wow me.

When we first came to Quebec, my hubby's biggest mission was to find
good quality chocolate here. When we lived in NY, we could find a huge selection, including some organic and fair trade ones at Whole Foods, and most of them were very reasonably priced and good quality. Here, we found that the selection of chocolate isn't as good, and forget about the cost--it's usually at least $4-5 per bar (if you're looking for better quality ones). I don't mind paying more, but it has to be worth it!


Over time, we've had the chance to try several different brands, and most of them aren't worth mentioning. There is one, however, I can tell you about, because it's my favorite: Dolfin! It is a Belgian chocolate and I don't recall that I've ever seen it in the US. When you first see them, the unique packaging immediately catches your eyes. In my experience, when the packaging is good, the product usually doesn't let me down.  Most chocolate bars are wrapped in foil with a paper wrapping on the outside, but these have a special packaging, as you'll see below.

Dolfin chocolates come in unique flavors, each in a special color such
as pink peppercorn, Earl Grey tea, Lavender, Hot masala, Cinnamon....etc. I love the texture of the chocolate; it just melts in your mouth! Next time you're in Quebec, if you're a chocoholic, you may want to pick one up. And, no, I don't get paid for this endorsement!

Among all the flavors, these are some of my picks.


雖然我喜愛美食,但我必須承認我並不是個巧克力熱愛者。  由於老公對巧克力的熱衷,我自然的也嚐嗜不少不同種類及品牌的巧克力,然而能讓我喜歡的卻是少之又少。

剛來到魁北克的那段時間,老公的最大任務就是尋找品質好的巧克立。從前還在紐約的時候,我們很習慣的會去Whole Foods買,那裡的巧克立品牌及口味非常多,連有機的也有,價錢也都還算合理。相反的,在魁北克卻沒有那麼多的高級品牌,而且要選擇有機或品牌好的也都至少要4,5塊錢加幣左右。

High quality and low fat cocoa with simple ingredients

使用高品質低脂肪的可可並且不含任何添加物怕胖的們有口福了!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ



Tea lovers would definitely like this one!


Most chocolate bars are wrapped in foil with a paper wrapping on the outside. Dolfin bars, however, are packaged in a sealed plastic wrapper, then wrapped with another RESEALABLE folding bag, which I love.


The silky texture of the chocolate just melts in your mouth and the taste is rich


There is even cinnamon and milk chocolate!


They also have assorted boxes of chocolates such as this one, which make very nice gifts


How can anyone resist such cute wrappers!


Where to buy:

In Quebec, you should be able to find the bars easily from regular supermarkets like, Metro or IGA




台灣要買到完全一樣的chocolate bar似乎比較難,但是有幾種不同的禮盒可以讓大家參考看看,請直接按以下的連結

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