Sunday, December 30, 2012

Music Share 音樂分享

音樂,一直是我們倆姐妹生命中不可或缺的一環,「沒有音樂,生活將是一種錯誤」,(→_→)連尼采都這麼說了是不是。雖然我們各自欣賞的領域不同,但音樂 豐富了我們的每分每秒,音樂分享著我們的喜怒哀樂,音樂擴大我們的思考空間,音樂也延伸了我們情感的蘊藉.. 這種種的一切,我兩姐妹是一樣的。沒有音樂,生活將是一種錯誤! 所以,不嫌棄的話,跟我們倆姊妹,一起發覺更多音符上的幸福吧! (阿恩會以神秘嘉賓方式,出奇不意的也分享她喵喵世界的音樂給大家! 敬請期待! (* ̄▽ ̄)/‧☆*"`'*

Music is one thing that never lacks in our lives. Nietzsche once said, "Without music, life would be a mistake." Even though we two sisters may like different kinds of music, we both agree that music can enrich every minute and every second of our lives: music shares our sadness, our frustration, our happiness and our joy; music can open our mind, expand the space of our thoughts, and extend our emotional reach... Life would not be the same without music! So if you would like to, please follow us as we discover and are inspired by music in our new "Music Share" category. (From time to time, a mysterious "furry" guest may appear to share her love of music from her "meow-meow world" with you.) Please stay tuned!


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