Thursday, November 22, 2012

Marché Jean-Talon (Jean-Talon Market) 2: 10.20.12


If you read my earlier post, you would probably remember that the first time I went to Marché Jean Talon was during the early spring this year. It was still cold at the time, but they just started to have some spring produce coming in. However, it was quite different this time. 



We had the pleasure to go back to Montreal just a month ago with our friend, M, who knows everything about Montreal and lived there for several years as well. He suggested that we go there together since there was some local produce and cheese that could only be found in Montreal, especially at this time of the year. If you go to to the Marché du Saint Foy in Quebec City, you would find mostly winter squash, potatoes, carrots, onions, broccoli, cauliflowers...etc., which is not a whole lot of variety.

Situated a little further south than Quebec City, and with the different heritage of immigrants from the Mediterranean area, at Marché Jean Talon, they tend to have a more interesting variety of local produce including artichokes, Jerusalem artichokes, and a great selection of mushrooms! And M told us that the cheese selection there is certainly the best in Quebec.


Due to the slightly warmer time of year, compared to when I went the last time, the whole market was much bigger and fuller with vendors and produce. We were even able to sit outdoors and sip coffee while listening to some good live music. I was surprised by how alive it was during the middle of November! I did not even quite get that in the farmers markets in NY that late in the season. Therefore, I decided to do a whole series of posts on Marché Jean Talon. I think it'll be fun to show you the different looks and new discoveries each time I go back. 

On the right: The unusual Egremont Russet apples can be found here, but unfortunately not in Quebec City. They're sweet and nutty yet firm at the same time, which makes them a great choice for apple desserts (especially if you don't like the typical mushy texture of cooked apples)!

A wide variety of mushrooms for mushroom lovers like me!

Whole brussel sprouts stalks with leaves still attached on top

We got some apple juice and cidre de glace (ice cider) from this apple juice and wine vendor, Coteau Rougemont.

Very difficult to find local green figs in Quebec since the climate is not quite suitable for the figs. The merchant said he wrapped his fig trees to protect them during the cold season.

This picture was not taken at the market, but these incredible scented handmade soaps are indeed from Marché Jean-Talon. They were 5 for $20 and from the top to the bottom: honey, sandalwood, lavender and rose. If you put one of them in the drawer of your dresser, it will make all your clothes smell very lovely!

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